SCCI - Membership Policies and Procedures

Professional and Corporate Membership Subscription Services Policies and Procedures

1 Policies

1.1 Application and Member Code of Ethics

All PCMSS members are required to read and sign a membership application.

1.2 PCMSS Membership Term

PCMSS Membership shall be for a period of 1 year (Membership Year will start April 01 and end March 31).

1.3 PCMSS Member Goals and Expectations

A system should be in place to collect main expectations from SCCI PCMSS members for each year to achieve their collaboration and cocreation goals for the next year.

1.4 PCMSS Member Types

The following PCMSS membership types are offered - all by invitation.
Technology Providers
Technology User/Government
Technology Consultants
Technology Integrators
Technology University
Technology Researcher (PhD or above)

1.5 Office Bearers

Each collaboration project is headed by a Project Leader appointed by the SCCI Governing Board.

Office bearers shall not receive any compensation for their efforts.

2 Committees

The SCCI Governing Body shall constitute necessary committees each year. It is recommended that the committees consist of at least 1 SCCI Governing Body member acting as the chair. The committees shall try to operate through consensus, but in cases of conflict, the decision of the chair will prevail.

3 Processes

3.1 PCMSS Membership

Any person that satisfies the criteria for membership to a particular group may become a PCMSS member by invitation by completing and signing a membership application.

PCMSS Members may nominate their employees to one or more collaboration projects as follows:

S.No Membership Type Maximum Nominees Maximum Collaboration Projects
1 Technology Provider 10 * N 5 * N
2 Technology User 10 * N 5 * N
3 Technology Consultant 3 * N 3 * N
4 Technology Integrator 10 * N 5 * N
5 Founder Unlimited Unlimited

N = 1 (Small Organization) 2 (Medium Organization) 3 (Large Organization)

3.2 PCMSS Membership Renewal

A member is eligible to renew PCMSS membership on paying the prevailing membership fees.

All PCMSS members of a group in good standing may be nominated for collaboration projects.

3.3 PCMSS Membership Withdrawal

SCCI Membership Committee may withdraw PCMSS membership and/or officer responsibility from any member without a reason with the approval of Governing Board.

3.4 Non Disclosure Agreement

All collaborators working as part of a project are required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and use SCCI confidential information that they receive only for the purpose it is received from SCCI as long as such information remains confidential information.

4 Applicability

Governing Body, Collaborators, PCMSS members and volunteers are required to follow this Policies and Procedures Manual.

5 Revision of This Document

SCCI Governing Body shall use an agile development process to evolve mature policies and procedures to make sure that these will help streamline activities without causing roadblocks for PCMSS members in achieving their goals.

6 In Case of Ambiguity or Conflict

In case of ambiguity or conflict, the same shall be referred to the Governing Board and the same resolved in an amicable fashion. The decision of the Governing Board shall be binding on all parties.

7 I Warranty

There is no guarantee or warranty of any kind for the PCMSS membership services offered by SCCI. In any case, the maximum liability of SCCI to a PCMSS member will be limited to the membership fees actually paid by the PCMSS member for the most recent year of membership.

8 Jurisdiction

The courts of Chennai shall hold jurisdiction over this agreement and any and all issues arising out of the same.

** The Term SCCI Governing Board shall refer to Founder Chair / Interim Chair until such time SCCI is registered as a Trust, thereafter Governing Board shall refer to the Board of Trustees.