Members of Super Consortium of India

PCMSS Members

Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt Ltd.

Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt Ltd. is a Sensors Manufacturing Company with end Products having wired and wireless technology.

Dreamchip Electronics

Dreamchip Electronics is a fabless semiconductor company founded by experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge. Dreamchip offers market-driven platform based SoC (System on Chip) design services and chips.

Imaginnovate Techsolutions

Imaginnovate Techsolutions is a technology company with expertise in developing Mobile Applications.


"OMG's mission is to develop, with our worldwide membership, enterprise integration standards that provide real-world value. OMG is also dedicated to bringing together end-users, government agencies, universities and research institutions in our communities of practice to share experiences in transitioning to new management and technology approaches like Cloud Computing."

Sankhya Technologies Private Limited

Sankhya is a software product company focused on developing software platforms and offering innovative platform driven solutions to industries. Key platforms and solutions include SANKHYA V-One for business process automation for the SMEs, Teraptor for embedded system design automation and Varadhi a middleware solution for distributed computing.

Scientegra Labs

Scientegra Labs, is a Bangalore based start-up with key business interests in STEM Education & Applied Research. Its Applied Research group is focused on developing the next generation Automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units) for connectivity/analytics/electric traction, wearable medical devices, and devices for retail CRM.