SCI - A National Systems Vision of Visions and Strategy Creating a 100 Million Jobs over The Next 5 Years

A Round Table On National Systems Vision of Visions and Strategy

Creating a 100 Million Jobs over The Next 5 Years

Super computing often deals with complex systems - just like space research, a knowledge driven society or a national missile defence system. Today one can see that India lags behind the world leaders in most complex systems. The reason is surprisingly simple.

Complex systems depend on concerted action from several players. Winning requires a common vision and a collective strategy. The existing governance framework in India follows a functional organization. This works for several areas but not all -- especially for complex systems. This is because, different aspects of the same complex system are driven by different ministries and departments - leading to conflicting vision, strategy and often sub-optimal and fractional realization of benefits.

The impact of such a fractional benefit is evident from the fall of the Indian Rupee and the absence of hi-tech manufacturing industries in India. This is particularly striking, given India is one of the richest and largest markets for products like smart phones and set top boxes in the world !

In a globalized economy - system level thinking is essential for Bharat to realize wholesome benefits of planning and governance. The governance framework for Complex Systems that often straddles Innovation, Knowledge, Education, IT, Industry, Commerce, Science and Technology therefore needs a fundamental transformation.

For over six months, Super Computing Consortium of India has been creating a nation wide momentum towards the goal of organizing a round table focused on the theme -- A National Systems Vision and Strategy.

The purpose of this effort is to bring experts from various different fields to a common platform where they can put their collective expertise, passion and insights to craft a national systems vision of visions and a national systems strategy.

At this time several experts have in principle agreed to participate in the round table. This includes country heads of large companies, CEOs of Indian companies, Management Guru's, VCs and acclaimed professors from the IITs.

A shared vision and a collective strategy lead to cocreation and collaboration - essential for the nation to meet the fair needs of its population, spread prosperity and become an icon for countries around the world to emulate.

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