SCCI - Supercomputing Consortium of India - Enabling Collaboraion and CoCreation

What is SCCI

SCCI is a not-for-profit organization focused on advancing wide spread use of large scale computing for the benefit of human world using the twin principles of technology collaboration and systems co-creation.

SCCI was formed in the year 2011.

Key Initiatives

  • Upamaedha - Operating System Specification for Indian Languages [In progress]

  • Sanskriti Standard - Standard Efficient Information Encoding Scheme for Indian Language Content [In Progress]

  • IoT Identity Standard - Standard Identity and Addressing Scheme for Internet of Things [In Progress]

  • Bharat Knowledge Vision 2017

  • Inputs To Government of India on Semiconductor Policy

  • The Panini Award

  • Vision 2020 With IoT (Feb 2015)

  • Wormhole To The Future (Coming Soon)


SCCI believes that large scale computing will play a greater role in the future - enabling video and audio interpretations, global scale data mining and intelligence, complex system design modeling and simulation, healthcare and life sciences research, national economic model simulation, personal weather forecasting, personalized mass education, intelligent agents, new sports and a more connected world - lifting quality and standards of living for citizens of the world.


SCCI offers technology companies a platform to interact with users of super computing, to understand requirements and collaboratively co-create standards and solutions with end users.

SCCI would focus on all forms of super computing - Utility Computing, Grid Computing, Parallel Computing (SIMD and MIMD), Cloud Computing, Big Data - by advancing and bringing the benefits of supercomputing within the reach of all users.

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